goodnaughty-deactivated20110704 asked: I came across a photo of a boy horse riding naked with an erection and wanted to share it with you as it reminded me of your one post of another boy naked with an erection and how it is in fact such a normal thing but it won't let me post a link, any ideas? Thanks for your blog! The posts are beautiful!!

I’m not sure if you’re asking for my ideas on the concept or my ideas on why you can’t post the link. In regards to the former, I think it is very normal. My brother has autism, and as a result it has never been uncommon for me to see him run out of the bathroom naked. I remember seeing erections on him at an early age. Even now, since he isn’t on a conversational level with us, we have no way of explaining to him what an erection means. But why should we? It’s as normal as the rest of the bodily functions he’s experienced throughout his life that we haven’t had to explain. Erections, regardless of age, can spring up for all kinds of reasons and as a result of all kinds of stimuli. There’s no reason to stigmatize the act of a penis hardening.

And I’m glad to hear that you appreciate my blog. It means a lot! Thanks for keeping me in mind, and don’t hesitate to ask me anything else in the future. :)